As we return from celebrating the holiday season and begin a New Year, we’d
like to take a moment and reflect upon the many things we have to be thankful
for last year.

The many amazing Labradors & Lab mixes that have found their way into our
rescue, seeking nothing but love, a warm place to call home, and maybe a
belly rub every now and then!

The wonderful, caring families who open their homes and their hearts to Labs  
Brookline Labrador Retriever Rescue
Helping Labs Find Their Fur-Ever Homes
I am your Puppy, and I
will love you until the end
of the Earth,
but please know a few
things about me.  
Many rescue dogs had a
rough start and may bring
some problems with them.
I may have baggage – will
you still love me"
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There's something about a
big shiny black dog that just
appeals to me. Maybe it's
because they appear to be
somewhat mysterious and
less readable in their facial
expressions than a lighter
coated dog. Perhaps I love
the breeds that are dark
coated-the Shepherds,
Rotties, Dobermans and
Black labs-big, loyal
working dogs that
demand attention by their
mere presence. (
Check out “Brookline’s
Foster Dog Blog”.   Now
you can read the stories of
some of our dogs in foster
care waiting for their fur-
ever homes.  Laugh at
their antics, experience
their ups & downs and
cheer them on as they
overcome some of their
Foster Blog
Top 10 Reasons to Adopt
a Black Lab
Featured Dog
Have you thought about fostering?  Click here  to learn how to become a
Brookline foster home.  We have answered some of the questions you may
have and there are more heartwarming testimonials from our current foster
Being a volunteer foster home can be as rewarding as
it is challenging! We are always looking for foster
homes—the more foster homes we have, the more
Labs we can pull from shelters and puppy mills and
eventually match with their forever homes. Fostering a
Lab in need – is this something you think you can do?
Two of our dedicated volunteers and foster moms,
Peggy McGee and Mary McGee, definitely think it is
something they can do and do well!
It is with pride, appreciation and congratulations that we acknowledge the
dedication of Peggy and Mary McGee. Since they began volunteering with our
Rescue in 2004, they have fostered 50 dogs! Peggy and Mary put together a
wonderful tribute to their 50 foster dogs. Sit back and enjoy the show!  
Update:  Since posting this photo show, these wonderful foster Moms took
in a pregnant female who presented our rescue with 9 beautiful pups.  So,
these amazing volunteers are well on their way to the next 50 foster dogs.
Fostering - Rewards and Challenges
Daisey is a beautiful yellow Lab "without a leg to stand
on".  She came into our Brookline family with problems
of the left hind leg.  After surgery to help heal the left leg,
Daisey's right leg was having problems.  This beautiful
little girl now has to have surgery to the right hind leg and
go through therapy to heal that one.  Daisey's vet costs
will exceed $4500.00.  Please click here to read more about Daisey.

At Brookline we don’t hesitate to give the dogs what they need to retain their
quality of life.  Please consider making a donation to the Bright Horizon Fund,
it will give Daisey a wonderful start on her new life!
Spay & Neuter
What’s in it for you?
Nearly one-half of the eight
million companion animals
who enter shelters each
year are euthanized through
no fault of their own.  
Spaying and neutering
saves lives by reducing the
companion animal
overpopulation.  Change
begins with you!  Please
here for further
information about spaying
or neutering your pet.
A Message from our President, Marie Krout
Brookline Labrador Retriever Rescue is 15 years old this year – the same
age as my son and my second Lab, Ariel!  When we adopted Ariel 13 years
ago, I joined an online group for Lab lovers since it had been a while since I
had a Lab in my life, particularly a 1 year old Lab.  I “met” Nicole Soyster, the
founder of Brookline Labrador Retriever Rescue (which was named after her
Lab, Brook) on this group and started helping her out in the Philadelphia

When I started with the Rescue, there were only 7 of us.  We thought nothing
of traveling for 1 to 2 hours or more to do a home visit or evaluate a dog.  
Since I was the only one in the area, I didn’t have anyone to train me to
evaluate a dog or do a home visit, but I learned quickly using the forms we
had in place and the advice of the other 6 volunteers. We probably placed
only about 10 Labs a year when the Rescue first began, but that was a lot for
the number of volunteers we had!
Hi, I’m Bailey, a 1.5 year
old lab mix.  I look like a
lab and I love to swim but I
have shorter hair and no
undercoat so I shed a lot
less than your typical lab. I
am tall and have a lean,
muscular, athletic bod. I
am very well mannered for
my age. I am calm inside
the house but I have lots of
energy and love to run and
play outside.  I chase
rabbits, squirrels, birds
and butterflies. Click
to read my blog and click
here to read more about