Brookline’s Foster Dog Blog


Working with our foster dogs can be as rewarding as it is challenging! Our volunteer foster homes care for dogs that have been pulled from shelters and puppy mills because they were in immediate danger of being euthanized.  We also  have dogs that need to come into foster care because their family has medical issues or have lost their home.

Brookline requires that all dogs be fostered for a minimum two week period so that we can learn more about the dog and his or her personality.  But many dogs need more time due to medical or training requirements.  Some of our foster dogs have had to remain in foster care for up to a year!

Here’s your chance to get to know the wonderful dogs who are currently in foster care with Brookline!  We have blogs for dogs who are currently available, as well as many of our dogs who are not currently available, but will be soon.  Please note, the blogs are written in chronological order, so begin reading from the bottom of each blog, to truly appreciate each dog’s journey in our rescue.  🙂

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