Application for Volunteering and Fostering

Before submitting an application, please refer to our coverage areas.
For questions, please email

There have been sporadic problems with our online application process. Your application is very important to us and we do not want to miss any potential volunteers or foster homes. If you do not hear from someone within 10 days, please contact us at


SECTION I:  To be completed by all applicants


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*Email access – Brookline volunteers are located throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Email is used extensively as the primary source of communication between volunteers and is therefore a requirement of volunteering. You will be contacted by one of our volunteers via email to schedule a time to meet with you and discuss your involvement with Brookline.
** Our coverage areas are limited to areas where we have volunteers. We cannot handle applications outside our coverage area. Out of area applications will not be returned. Our coverage areas can be found on our website under ‘Adopt’. You may also email us at to find out if a volunteer covers your area. If you aren't in our area you may be able to find a group near you by going to and searching by your zip code.


Please briefly describe why you are interested in volunteering/fostering for a group dedicated to rescuing dogs, particularly the Labrador Retriever:
Have you ever done rescue work before?
If yes, what was your involvement?
Do you have any talents/hobbies that you are interested in contributing to the rescue?


Have you ever owned a dog?
Have you ever adopted a dog from a rescue or a shelter?
If yes, please tell us about your experience,
What level would you consider your general dog knowledge?


The list below summarizes the volunteer opportunities available in Brookline. New opportunities often arise and we are always open to new ideas. Your participation in any activity can be as limited or as extensive as your schedule allows. We provide training where needed. [*Activities with an asterisk require training.]
Home Visits/Introductions/Finalizations*
Conduct home visits for potential foster and/or adoptive families and work with them to find the right dog for their family.
Conduct the introduction of the family to their new dog.
Finalize the dog’s adoption with the family.
Owner Surrender Dog Evaluation*
Conduct owner surrender dog evaluations and work to place those dogs with the best adoptive family for that particular dog.
Conduct the introduction of the dog to his/her new family.
Shelter Evaluations*
Evaluate dogs from local shelters to determine if they are good candidates for our rescue program. [Note: Shelter evaluations require specialized training and you must be certified to do OS Dog Evaluations before beginning this training.]
Foster Home
Open your home and provide care for an owner-surrendered dog or a shelter dog until a new home is found (minimum of 2 weeks). BLRR provides a food allowance and covers all pre-approved vet care. An applicant cannot foster for Brookline if they are currently fostering for another rescue.
Drive or assist in transporting dogs to foster homes, to vet visits or to events.
Public Relations/Marketing/Social Media – Be part of a team that will:
Devise ways to publicize the rescue through TV, Radio, newsletters, articles for newspapers/magazines and school/community forums.
Write and update the Foster Dog Blogs and the Rescue’s Web Site
Improve BLRR’s internet presence through social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
Post flyers in high traffic areas to advertise events, fostering, and adopting.
Take photos/videos of dogs available for adoption.
Take photos of events.
Fundraising – Be part of a team that will:
Plan, execute and /or assist in events such as Basket Bingo, Photos with Santa, etc.
Devise, plan and/or assist in raising money through unique programs such as the Terracycling Program, Jewelry/Art sales, Yard Sale, etc.
Obtain donors, sponsors and contributions for events.
Design and/or make dog-related items such as tugs, blankets, dog treats, etc. to be sold at events.
Events – Be part of a team that will:
Attend and work at an Event, talking to potential adopters and distributing information about Brookline.
Sell dog-related items at the Brookline Table
Transport, handle and/or answer questions about dogs available for adoption.
Transport Event supplies.
Help with other tasks to make the event successful.
Administrative Tasks – Be part of a team that will:
Make phone calls to check the references of potential adopting families.
Assist with mailings.
Answer phone and email inquiries and forward them to the appropriate volunteers.
What type of volunteer work are you interested in doing with Brookline?


Personal Reference #1 (Required)

Please include name, relationship to applicant, phone and email address

Personal Reference #2 (Required)

Please include name, relationship to applicant, phone and email address:

Section II: Please complete of applying to foster for Brookline

VET REFERENCE (Required if you have a pet of have had a pet within the last 5 years)

Please include name, address and phone number

Please call your vet and give consent to release medical information to a Brookline Lab Rescue Representative. Your Veterinarian must indicate that your pets were/are kept up-to-date on vaccinations, are seen at least once a year by a vet, and receive medical treatment as needed. If resident dogs are not on heartworm prevention or tested yearly per the advice of their veterinarian, that is acceptable; however, it is expected that a dog adopted through Brookline Lab Rescue will be placed on monthly heartworm prevention.


Pleaser list the name(s) and age(s) of adults currently living in your home other than those listed above:
Please list the name(s) and age(s) of children currently living in your home:
Please list the age(s) of children who visit your home and how often they visit:
Have all of the children listed above been around dogs before and if so,how are they with dogs?


Do you own your home?

If not, please provide the volunteer who does your home visit with a copy of your lease or a signed letter from your landlord (with contact information) showing that your lease allows pets.

Do you have a fenced yard?
If yes, what type of fence?
If other, please explain:
How high is the fence?

Note:  BLRR does not require adopters or foster families to have a fenced yard.  We simply require that you have a plan to provide adequate exercise for your dog.


Please list all pets (dogs, cats, birds, etc.) that you currently own.

Include pet's name, species/breed, age and how long you have had your pet
Are your pets used to being around other animals
If you own dog(s) are they spayed/neutered?
If no, please explain why:

Please list all of the dogs you have owned as an adult, but no longer have and indicate why the dog is no longer with you.  (Do not include current dogs or dogs you had while growing up.)

Include dog's name, breed, how long you had the dog, was the dog rehomed, deceased/old age or deceased/other.

Section III:  To be completed by all applicants.


I (we) attest that the information provided is true and accurate to the best of my (our) knowledge. I (we) have read over the requirements for volunteering and/or fostering on the Brookline web site and agree to their stated terms. I (we) permit Brookline to contact or veterinarian and personal references.