A Foster Mom’s Perspective

How do you keep yourself from getting attached to the dogs? I don’t. I fall in love with each and every dog  that comes into our home. Each dog we’ve fostered has a unique personality that I will never forget.

First was Sparky-the only dog I’ve ever known that actually plays practical jokes.

Then we had Duke, who enjoyed introducing himself to the neighbors when he wasn’t lounging on the  patio furniture. Surprise-Duke can jump the fence.

Next we had Zoey, who bounced 3 feet off the ground and leaped over the other dogs as they ran and  played in the yard. And with Zoey came her incredible, beautiful 7 puppies who gave us the most exciting  summer we have had in years.   We were advised not to name the puppies so we gave them  nicknames-Blue, Brown Dog, Rottie, Blaze, Socks, Tux, and Nona. And we got very attached. We got so  attached that Nona is still here-and officially ours.

Then there was Emma, who had the cutest waddle and always had a tennis ball in her mouth. I remember  trying to give her a treat and not being able to get it in her mouth because she had a tennis ball hidden in there.

Next was Bear, who jumped on my bed-and me- and barked like mad until he managed to “scare away”  the fireworks the neighbors set off on New Year’s Eve. Happy New Year to you too, Bear!

Then we had our Bear D. Bear, a very agile and quick boy, who loved to bolt out the front door and had my sister stopping rush hour traffic on a very busy road so she could safely call Bear back to where he belonged. We wouldn’t run into traffic for just anyone. But for our foster dogs there is little we wouldn’t do.

So yes, we get attached!

What if they’re bad dogs? There are no bad dogs! Okay, some of them get into some mischief. So we bought brand new blinds. And we replaced the curtains. NO BIG DEAL! My nieces have done more damage in the house than the dogs. The dogs never blew out the speakers!

Isn’t it hard to let them go? Sometimes it is. Sometimes we’re sad and sometimes we cry, but the overwhelming feeling is very good. We’re happy that, with the help of Brookline volunteers, we have found them a great home with a family who matches their needs and personalities.

Nothing else I’ve done matches the level of satisfaction I get from fostering these beautiful, loving creatures. We give them a temporary home and a second chance, but they give us so much more-the opportunity to make a significant difference in the lives of so many dogs and people!

Now when people tell me they could never foster, I tell them I could never not foster!” -Peggy