Getting Your Foster Dog Adopted

Our foster homes play a key role in getting their foster dog adopted.

Before your foster dog is ready for adoption:

  • After your foster dog arrives and settles in, take pictures of your foster dog and do a short write-up to be posted in the foster dog blog on our website.  Your senior volunteer can provide you with guidelines for creatively writing that blog from your foster dog’s viewpoint.  Update that blog periodically.  That blog could help your foster dog develop a following among the potential adopters who frequent our blog.
  • Email regular updates to the Brookline group so that each volunteer who is working with potential adopters has the most current information regarding your foster dog’s personality and behavior.  Those updates will help our volunteers determine if any of the families they are working with might be a potential match with your foster dog.
  • Whenever possible, we encourage foster families to bring their foster dogs to the fundraising events in which Brookline participates throughout our coverage area.  This is the best opportunity for giving your foster dog exposure to potential adopters.  Many times a family that might not have been planning to adopt a dog meets one of our foster dogs at an event,  falls in love,  and becomes another success story!

When your foster dog is ready for adoption:

  • With the help of your senior volunteer, you will prepare a write-up and photos to post your foster dog for adoption, notify the Brookline volunteers that your foster dog is ready for adoption, and request that volunteers submit to you families who are interested in adopting your foster dog.
  • You will have an opportunity to review the information for each interested family and,  with the help of your senior volunteer,  select the best match for your foster dog.  You and your senior volunteer will then work to schedule an introduction for your foster dog.