Welcoming a New Foster To Your Home

Our Labs may have come to Brookline from surrendering owners who had unavoidable changes in circumstances or they may have recently been in an animal shelter for an extended period of time before coming into one of our volunteer foster homes.  We often may not have all the information we would like about their past behavior or any deficiencies in their training.  The dog may have come to us from a situation where he or she was neglected, abused, never trained, kept outdoors, or not given adequate food, water or medical care.  While we try to accurately assess each Lab’s personality and obedience level, transitional stress, regardless of the dog’s past, can play a significant role in how he or she behaves in your home.  Every Lab’s personality is different as are their coping abilities. We offer the following guidelines in the hope that they may help you to smoothly transition your new foster dog to your home.
General Guidelines
Meeting Your Children
Meeting Your Resident Dog(s)
Meeting Your Resident Cat(s)