Love those Labs? Then, volunteer!

The Starfish
An old man was walking along a beach strewn with starfish that were dying as the tide receded. In the distance he could see a figure repeatedly bending, standing and tossing. As he approached, he watched a young man picking up one starfish at a time and tossing them back into the sea.
“What a waste of time! You can’t possibly save all of these starfish. What difference can you make?”
The young man looked thoughtfully at the starfish in his hand, shrugged and tossed it into the waves.
 “I made a difference to that one!”

Brookline Labrador Retriever Rescue started in 1997 with a single volunteer saving a single Lab. Since then, our rescue has grown to over 100 volunteers who have saved hundreds of Labs in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. As a volunteer-run, nonprofit rescue that is still growing, we could use your help. If you have a special interest in Labs or are just a sucker for a sweet face, won’t you consider joining us in our mission to save more Labs? To learn more, please review our frequently asked questions.