Re-homing Your Lab Through Brookline

Making the decision to give up a faithful friend is never easy, no matter what the reasons may be. We understand that sometimes it may be necessary due to changing family circumstances. We also often see Labs whose owners were unaware that the puppy they got would turn into a very large and active adult, requiring more time, care and energy than they are prepared to give. Re-homing your Lab through Brookline will give you peace of mind that you did the very best you could for your Lab.If you are still trying to decide whether re-homing your Lab is the right thing to do, please read our Before You Decide to Re-Home Your Lab page for information about things you can do to make the relationship with your Lab more enjoyable. If you still wish to re-home your Lab, please read our Brookline Re-homing Process for our contact information and to understand our process for re-homing your Lab through Brookline. If you decide to re-home your Lab on your own rather than through Brookline, we recommend that you read Safely Placing Your Dog.