Safely Placing Your Dog

What Should I Do If I Decide I Must Give Up My Dog?

If you decide that you must give up your dog, please follow these tips to ensure that your dog is safely placed in the best home possible:

1.   Your best alternative is to place your dog with a non-profit rescue such as Brookline Labrador Retriever Rescue. Whatever the reason for needing to give up your dog, a rescue can work with you to place your dog in a caring and loving forever home – and that’s what you want for your faithful friend.

2.   Never advertise or give away your dog “Free to a good home.” To avoid the tragedy that can occur when a dog is mistakenly put into a situation where it is neglected, abandoned, abused, or even sold to a research facility for experimentation.

3.   If you wish to place your Lab on your own rather than placing your Lab with a non-profit rescue, you can find information about how to re-home your dog on your own at the ASPCA website.