Bright Horizons

Our Bright Horizons Fund started because of a special needs Lab we took in. Her bills quickly added up and we needed help. We ask, if you can, to open your heart and consider donating to Brookline’s Bright Horizons Fund.

Please come see our special needs Labs that we have and are helping currently. We as a rescue would like to continue to help these special needs dogs and with your help we can. Also when you donate please send along a note. No amount is too small.

Our Special Needs Labs thank you!

You can donate to the Bright Horizons Fund using the PayPal button below or if you would like to donate thru the mail, you can use our Snip and Send Donation Form.

Your Donations Have Helped Labs Like The Ones Below.
Click on the dogs picture or their name to read their full story.

ACE was unfortunate enough to have not only broken his leg but the fracture did not heal properly. After limping for about a year and a half, Ace re-injured the leg. His family could no longer afford his medical care so they surrendered him to a shelter. The shelter made the decision to surrender Ace to a rescue and called Brookline. Ace was examined by an orthopedic surgeon who determined that Ace also suffered from a serious infection in his broken leg. Ace’s leg needed to be amputated.
ANDY (1998-7/23/06) was blessed with a second chance four times. Unfortunately, the fourth was not to be. Andy was brought into the Brookline family after losing his second home through no fault of his own. This big loveable guy was matched with his forever home, but his hind leg was beginning to be a problem. After very expensive diagnostic tests, it was determined that Andy had a deteriorating and incurable disease that ended his life after eight years.
baby BABY (now Macy) was abandoned by her family and lived in a vacant house for a month. Another family who already had 8 dogs took her in. Baby is diabetic and almost blind. Her new family is an elderly couple who can no longer manage her diabetes. Brookline has stepped in to help Baby with her diabetic condition and to remove one eye and correct a cataract in the other eye. The surgeries will be in the $4000.00 to $5000.00 range.
BEAR(15) was such a happy boy. He was constantly wagging his tail. Maybe a little too enthusiastically. He damaged the tip of his tail from all of this wagging, which is a common problem with this happy breed. After many attempts to stop the bleeding and having the tail heal, our only option was to remove Bear’s tail.
BEAR D. BEAR was a happy-go-lucky guy with a constant smile on his face. His foster moms knew that there was something ‘just not quite right’ with this happy, loving guy. After very expensive diagnostic procedures and blood work, he was diagnosed with a tumor on the base of his heart. The vet estimated that he had maybe 2 months to live. Bear D Bear lived out his remaining time happy and loved, bringing smiles to everyone he greeted. Sadly, Bear D. Bear crossed the Rainbow Bridge in November 2006.
BODE is a young puppy who was rushed to U of P Veterinary hospital on his very first night in foster care. He was so badly infested with parasites that it was questionable if he would pull through. He spent several days and nights at the hospital. Bode’s determination to live and the loving care of his foster parents pulled him through and he has been adopted by a loving family.
bosco2BOSCO came into foster care when his family had to move out of state and could not take him along. Aside from losing his family, Bosco had developed several large lumps that thankfully are benign. Unfortunately, their location on his body made walking difficult for him if they continued to grow. So, they had to be removed.
BUCKLEY was rescued from a shelter at 12 weeks of age and placed with a foster family. Just a few days later, she was spending her days at the animal hospital where she was diagnosed with Parvo, which is often fatal in young dogs. This virus was probably contracted at the shelter. She fought the odds and is now a happy, healthy beauty.
CALLIE was 4 months old when she came into the Brookline family. She was suffering from mange, a urinary tract infection and skin infections due to the scratching associated with the mange. Her progress was slow and the mange would come back in larger areas. Several types of expensive treatments needed to be done to help this beautiful girl. All that is behind her now and she is enjoying the good life with her human and fur siblings.
CALLIE(2) is a beautiful 4 1/2 year old yellow lab who was welcomed into the Brookline family when her former family could not afford her medical treatments. Callie has diabetes which is now under control and was blind from cataracts which we can fix.  Brookline was able to restore her sight thanks to generous donations which helped us pay for her surgery.
carly CARLY came into foster care with Brookline when her owners were not able to care for her any more. Despite this change in her life, Carly continues to be a loving sweet Lab. Unfortunately, she came to Brookline with two torn ACL (ligaments in the knee) tears and wasthis made it difficult for Carly to lead a normal, young dog’s life. Please read about her recovery and her prospects for a happy, pain free life.
DAISEY came into our Brookline family with known medical issues. All kinds of therapy were tried to help heal and strengthen her left leg, but only surgery would fix the problem. After surgery to the left leg, Daisey began therapy. Just 3 weeks into therapy, the right leg was found to have major problems as well requiring surgery to that leg. Talk about “not having a leg to stand on”…
faith FAITH spent the first 6 years of her life living in the horrible conditions of a puppy mill. One of the saddest things about the treatment of dogs kept in a puppy mill is that they get no vetrinary care. Please read Faith’s full story about her multiple surgeries required to get her healthy.
FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL were found as strays on New Years Eve. Both had not had the proper veterinary care while in the previous owner’s care. Both tested positive for Lyme disease and Marshall also tested positive for heartworms.
GUNNER was evaluated at a shelter and brought into the Brookline family. It was discovered that this poor boy was not only bone thin, he had some sort of problem with his hips. After expensive testing and x-rays, it was discovered that both hips had been broken at the ball and socket joint. He will get the expensive surgery he will need to lead a normal life.
GUS was brought to a shelter, adopted out to a family and unfortunately returned to the shelter when it was determined that he needed some very expensive ear surgery. Brookline stepped in to help Gus get sprung from the shelter.
  JACKIE was rescued from a shelter and placed in foster care. But, she just did not seem like a happy, healthy lab. A visit with the vet brought the horrible news that Jackie was suffering from kidney failure and did not have much time left. Her care required expensive diagnostic tests, medication, special food and IV fluid. Through the love and support of the entire Brookline family, Jackie spent the last months of her life happy, loved and cared for. Sadly, Jackie crossed the Rainbow Bridge in September 2006.
JAKE was found on a dark road by some very special people called foster angels. His original owners could not be found after many, many attempts. Jake was diagnosed with Lyme disease and problems with both knees. Brookline has stepped up to help Jake. Please read his story.
  JAKE(2) was brought into a shelter by a family that had him for two years. The shelter environment was very frightening for Jake because he is blind due to fully developed cataracts in both eyes. His owners did not see the need for veterinary care.  Brookline was able to raise the funds needed for expensive cataract surgery, which unfortunately was not successful in restoring his vision.  However, Jake is living the good life with a family that absolutely adores him.
  KALLIE was rescued from a situation of severe neglect, which resulted in some neurological problems in stressful situations. Since she had not been socialized as a youngster, stressful situations were common. Kallie received the diagnostic tests she needed to determine the best path for her. She was adopted by her Brookline foster family and she now has the happy life she deserves.
bettybhf LITTLE BETTY and her littermates were rescued and transported to their new foster home. One by one, the puppies started to get sick and were rushed to the veterinarian for treatment.
lulu4LULU and her sister Roxie came from a puppy mill where certain dogs were bred together and produced litters with abnormalities in the pups. Lulu and Roxie both have bone abnormalities in their legs which would lead to painful arthritis later in life if not treated while they are young. Both of these girls also have eye issues and one or both may go blind later in life. Lulu had surgery to both of her front legs at only 15 weeks of age.
  MAGGIE (also known as Margaret Elizabeth when she gets in trouble, which isn’t too often) came to Brookline when she was rescued from a lifetime serving as a breeding dog in a Pennsylvanian puppy mill. Bad as it sounds, living outdoors year round (often on a chain) and making puppies for her whole life weren’t the worst things that happened to Maggie before being rescued.
  MAYAH spent four years of her life living in an outside pen. Unfortunately, she received no veterinary care. When she was welcomed into the Brookline family, we had her tested for heartworm and she came back as positive. The treatment for heartworm is not only expensive, it could be fatal for the dog.
  MEG came to Brookline from a very horrible situation. She had been terribly mistreated and possibly abused. Thanks to a very special foster family and the Bright Horizons Fund, Meg got the love and the veterinary care she needed and deserved.
  MISTY came to Brookline from a commercial breeding facility (puppy mill) and her list of problems was quite long. She had been burned on her back and leg, had severe dental disease, was not spayed and had several mammary tumors. The worst of her problems was a bad case of cherry eye where the tear gland of the third eyelid comes out of its normal position and swells.
  ODIE was pulled from a shelter after his family had to leave him behind and move to smaller quarters. Poor Odie is only four years old, but has some pretty severe problems with his right hind leg. Odie will have surgery that will help him on the road to being a normal, happy Lab.
  PAXTON was taken to the shelter at 1.5 yrs old because he had been having trouble walking for the past year, and his owners couldn’t afford his continuous veterinary expenses. Brookline stepped in to help this beautiful young dog on the road to a pain-free and happy life.
  RAIN was rescued from a shelter where she came in as a stray. A nice family adopted her but a few days later she broke her leg. They could not afford the surgery she desperately needed, so she was put in a splint and returned to the shelter.
  RUSTY had a run-in with a car and did not come out on the good side. His right leg is in a sling until it can be determined if there was nerve damage. There is a good possibility that Rusty will lose his leg.
  SARA is a sweet, beautiful 8 month old girl who literally ran into some bad luck. She was out running in the fields with her family when she caught the scent of something too tempting to ignore. She took off after it, crossing the road and was hit by a snowplow.
  SAMMI came into the Brookline family when her family could no longer deal with her medical condition. She suffered from a horrible disease much like acid reflux in humans. This condition would not allow her to digest her food properly. All of her needs were met by the loving Brookline volunteers, but Sammi only saw eight months of life. But those eight months were filled with love.
  SHEELA is a very sweet 4 year old female chocolate lab whose condition has stumped various veterinarians over the past several years. Her owner surrendered her to a good samaritan after no longer being able to afford to give her the care she needed to get better.
simon2 SIMON was rescued from a shelter where he’d been turned in as a stray. From the moment we met him, we could not understand why no one came looking for this beautiful, 5 year old, purebred Lab. Simon is house broken, well mannered, great with people, great with dogs, and has the sweetest personality. He was clearly someone’s pet. Why didn’t anyone claim him?
  SKYE and two fur siblings were brought into foster care with Brookline when their owner could no longer offer them a safe, warm place to live. Skye was suffering from an eye condition called entropian for her whole lifetime. This condition is very painful and required surgery to correct. She is currently recuperating in a warm, loving foster home.
  SUNNY is a 2 yr old yellow female that came to us with a torn CCL and, torn meniscus Surgery to correct this will cost anywhere from $1900 to $2500. Sunny is a sweet dog who loves to run, chase balls and play! She deserves to do these pain-free.
tootsie2 TOOTSIE was left behind at the puppy mill when Faith was rescued. She was used solely to produce Labradoodle puppies. After many years of no veterinary care, she developed massive mammary tumors. Brookline was able to rescue Tootsie as well and she is learning to be loved and cared for. She is scheduled to have these tumors removed.
  TROOPER at 6 months old was dumped by the side of the road and found by a Good Samaritan who in turn contacted Brookline for help. Trooper has some neurological problems which cause him to be very clumsy. The vet thinks it is a problem with the “processing” part of the brain.
  TUCKER suffers from a skin condition caused by allergies. He is eating special food, recieving soothing baths and making many visits to the dermatologist. Tucker is currently looking for that special family that will understand his problems and help him live a normal dog’s life.