Thank you to all of the people who are interested in adopting a Lab from our Rescue.   At this time, we have many approved applicants waiting to adopt our Labs as they become available.  Because of this interest in our Labs and our rescue, we are doing our best to rescue as many Labs as we can.  If we had more foster homes (hint, hint), we’d be able to help even more Labs!  To learn about fostering a Lab for our rescue, click here.If you apply to adopt from our rescue, please be prepared to wait for the right Lab for your family.   There are new Labs coming into our rescue all the time.  As long as you are willing to wait, the right Lab for your family may be just around the corner! We encourage families to submit an application as soon as possible so that when the right Lab does come along, you’re already approved to adopt through Brookline.  Our list of available Labs and Lab mixes is updated on a regular basis and consists of dogs being given up by their owners (but still living with their owners) and dogs that are in foster care with one of our volunteers throughout our coverage area.  Brookline does not have a shelter or kennel facility.   We do our best to evaluate each Lab to give potential adopters detailed and accurate information regarding each Lab’s history, personality, and obedience level.  All of our Labs available for adoption are up to date on their shots and have been heartworm tested.  We try to have all Labs spayed/neutered prior to adoption, if they are not already.  However, this is not always possible. Our goal is to match our Labs with their perfect fur-ever home.  To do that, we must have as much information as possible about your family and your family’s lifestyle.  Our application and home visit, which to some people may seem overwhelming, ensure that we will not only find the best home for our Labs but also the best Lab for your family.

For more information regarding adopting a Lab through Brookline, please follow the links below.