Annual Giving Memorials

Debra Rose Keenan – for Flash’s surgery
Tammy Karpa – “Bailey Boo”
In memory of John Marsland
– Gary J. Muccio
– Greg A. Myers
– Paul and Renee Moats – for John’s love of Labs
Peggy and Mary McGee – In memory of our favorite chocolate girl, Jaycee
Henry Page – For Brewster’s Surgery
Joanne Earley – In memory of Lori Kaniuka
Steven Gershman – In Memory of Molly
Albert J. Hayes, Jr. and Weston S. Eilliott – For Teddie’s care
Kristine and Tom Webb – In Memory of my friend Dolores Kanuika
Mary Dawson – In Memory of Dixie
Rad & Marian Schultz – In memory of Lacey and Brandy
Vincent And Maryann Reilly – In memory of Shelley Reilly of Wissahickon
Ruth Miller – In memory of Max
Jean Mantuano – In memory of Java, Brandy and Enzo
Jeffery Bruni – In memory of Dinah Bruni
Mark and Lisa Cantrell – In memory of Lexus & Dakota
Patricia O’Connor – In memory of Nittany Ann
Maija and John Ray – In memory of Misty
Jack And Bonnie Treadway – In memory of Ivy & Lilly
Marc and Cindy Fuchswanz – In Honor of Keith, Lynette and Melanie Nazelrod
Sue Beebe – In memory of Brody (Barney)
Peter Brooks – In memory of Harley Bo
Stephen & Meri Jo Caggiano – In memory of Cheyenne
Marian & George Koch – In memory of Pete
Gail Newton – In memory of Kelsey & Max Newton
Mary Spanier – In memory of Max
Constantine & Jan Stephano – In memory of Maggie
Mary Tennant – In memory of K.C., Frodo, Hayley & Rocky
Lori & Mike Tirjan – In memory of Macy and Molly
Richard and Denise Warren – In memory of Cody
Robert & Rhonda Weidner – In memory of Sarge
Chuck and Sally Fagnan – In Memory of JD
Gwen Ketner and Cherie LaFlamme – In Memory of Thule
Michele & Drew Astbury – In memory of Star
Kimberly Keegan and Raymond Fabiahe – In memory of Barkley
Cathy Fryckberg – In memory of Liberty Ann
Linda Molloy – In memory of Shana & Jasmine
Kimberly & Michael Fitzpatrick – In memory of Shannon and Skye
Craig and Nancy Eaton – In Memory of Esther and Harry Hafft
Jeannette Tiley
Linda D. Houseal
Steve Gresham
In Memory of Jules Sombatti
– Barbara Hammill
– William and Donna Kullman
– Christina Therault
– Emorfili and Gus Koukoulogiannis
In Memory of Bart Halper
– Linda Moller
– Sandi and Vic Smith
– Chet and Cass Chessman
– The Byrnes Family
– Eileen and Russ Truscott
Dennis and Vicki Bogdan – In memory of Julius Sombatti
Susan and Steven Sudbrink – In honor of Molly
Kay Dubree
Jeannette Tiley
Eugene and Deborah Stoms – In memory of Jake Clifford
Siemens Caring Hands Foundation c/o Mark S. Bevacqua
Maureen Foley
Linda Morrin
Janis K. Goldman
Ms. Izumi Miller – In memory of Trigger, a chocolate lab
Kathleen M. Gillespie
From Stef Emmons Bridal Shower
– Lauren A. Demezza
– Kelly Falls
Elizabeth Bradburn-Assoian – In honor of Kaylee turning 11
Cheryl Drabick – In memory of Cheyenne
Dr. Herbert S. and Gail Rosen
Linda Houseal
Ralph and Karen West
Starr Stewart – In Memory of Hannah
Robert and Beverly Dibona – In memory of Casey
Ronnie and Candi Mullins – In Rememberance of our Lab “Balto”
Diane M. Foos – In Memory of Madelaine Tosh who rescued, adopted and fostered many labs in her 89 years

In Memory of William L. Myrtetus, Jr.
– Eileen Myrtetus
– Thomas and Sarah Martin
– Glenn Goldey
– Kathleen M. Cross
– Charles and Kay Liverton
– Kathy Gillespie
– Robert and Roberta Wallace
– Margaret J. Manning
– Thomas and Suzanne Civitella
– Patricia H. Kahn
– William and Wendy Crouse
– Severn M. Perona
– Ronald and Sandra Grimm
– Laurie and Jim Lees
– Ronald and Ropsaria Buonocore
– Susan D. Mason
– Judie & Pete Ghares
– Cynthia Taeuber McIlwain
– Forreest McIlwain
– Barbara Sampson
– Patricia and Richard Voss
– Rick and Sherry Migliore
– Lynn A. Leonard
– Joseph and Patricia Peacock
– Jane Macelree

Elaine M. Tomeck – Doggie Donation for Lori Blake and Dave Tedjeske’s bridal shower
Ruth Miller – In Memory of Max and Bailey
Mariann Flahive
Jeff Bruni & Sharon Vogt – In Memory of Dinah Bruni
Rad and Marian Schultz – In Memory of Lacey and Brandy
Cindy Staron – In Memory of Hobbes Staron
Ann Buckley – In Memory of Julie & Emma
Georgia L. Lepperd – In Memory of Shadow
June M. Berardi – In Memory of Ronald J. Berardi and Gift for Stephen Bolling
Jean Kramer – In Memory of Shooter
Caroline T. Coxe
Mr. Albert P. Buys – In Memory of Teddie
Gail Newtown – In Memory of Kelsey and Max
Caryn J. Carr – In Memory of Coby and Jessie
Clarke Argue
Ted and Joanna Raftas
Jacqui Hartranft – In Memory of Barron & Lady
Stephen Caggiano – In Memory of Cheyanne
Susan Beebe – In Memory of Brody
Elizabeth A Bukis – In Memory of Spencer
Jeffrey and Jill Lubin
Linda Morrin
Brenda Monette – In Memory of Tilly & Tucker
Diane Smith – In Memory of Cheyenne and Sadie
Kim Bieber- In Memory of Sandy
Jan Alvarez – In Memory of Griz
Nelson W. Diebel, Jr.
James and Susan Bullitt
Marc and Cynthia Fuchswanz – In Honor of Keith, Lynette and Melanie Nazelrod
Amy Bixler – In Memory of Belle
Coleen Fadden – In Memory of Jillie
Michael and Corinne Betz – In Memory of “Worf E`muppers”
Dianne Boerger – In Memory of Regina
Jeff and Sharon Koppel – In Memory of Diesel
Mary Dawson – In Memory of Dixie
Barbara Hilferty
Jack and Bonnie Treadway – In Memory of Storm – our Rescue lab
Betty Turner
Claudia J. Haferkamp
Krzak Family
Pam Katz – In Memory of Tillie
Carol Harvey
Anonymous Donation
Paul Dougherty – In Memory of Sadie
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mulkeen
Rob & Rhonda Weidner – In Memory of Sarge
Cheryl Genneken – In Memory of Jake
Ralph E. Smith – In Memory of Godiva
Linda Meintel – In Memory of Sugar and thanks for Lilly
Lori Singleton & Lesley Chaney
Linda Weaver
Arlene Tuber
Jean Rounsavill
Joe & Susan Norton
Richard and Theresa Charles
Mary Spanier – In Memory of Max I
Diana Rueger and Kim Jennings In Memory of Bailey
Brenda and Shawn Jordan
M. Barraclough
William and Susan Shaffer
Chris and Diane Carroll
Daniel and Eileen Detwiler – In Memory of our Cody and Winnie
Michele and Drew Astbury – In Memory of Star
Robert J. Gardner – In Memory of Luke
Robin White – In Memory of Ozzie (a Brookline adoptee)
Denise and Richard Warren – In Memory of Cody
Kathy Scholl – In Memory of Bailey
Joe Clark – In Memory of Princess Ledwith
Walter and Maureen Mack – In Memory of Ronald Berardi
Linda Houseal – In Memory of Skipper
Melissa Dawson – In Memory of Mickey
Eileen McAndrews – In Memory of Alex
Margaret Gartland
Integritec, Inc. (Dave Lampart)
Melissa and Paul Johnson
Jay and Marjorie Layer
Bernie Dyer – In Memory of Bella
John and Deborah White
Cathie McCauley
David and Judith Delellis – In Honor of Dr. Meredith Brown, VMD for her care and kindness to Wiggles and Marco, our dear “lab children”
Alice T. Baltz – In Honor of Betty Turner
J. Leo and Denise McGlynn – In Memory of Maggie and Zach
M. Kay DuBree – In Memory of Abby
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Howard
Lori Landes – In Memory of Smokey & Taz
Edward W. Ruisz
Suzanne and Robert Wertz
David and Deborah Bigos
Robert Cordivari
Rita and Mike Jones
Sue Scholer
Arthur C. Argue, Jr.
JoAnn Sebrig
Michele Zubyk
Dennis and Patricia Barnaba
Mr. Cathy Fryckberg – In Memory of Liberty Ann
Fred and Joan Titus
Carmen Randazzo – In Memory of Morgan and Camille
Troy D. Krause and Wendy M. Fretz
Eric Reitter – In memory of Lucky
Patricia O’Connor – In memory of Bo and Gabby
Nancy and Gary Garver – In memory of Angus, Bella and Maggie
Steve, Georgia and Roxy Missimer – In memory of Stormy
Lysa Brooksbank – In memory of Shadow (Shoes)
Linda Molloy
Kenn + Peg Renninger
Melissa Harbold -In memory of our Brookline lab, Sam!
Lynne & Steve DiDonato – In memory of Odie
Scott Baddorf – In memory of Jazz
Cheryl Goldman – In memory of all my great labs
Charley Krout – In memory of Jagger
Gloria Hieter – In memory of Mackey, Silk, Sahara and Cajun
Vicki Reilly – In memory of Winnie, Oakley and Roxanne
Richard R. Yost – In memory of Watson
Preston Geis – In memory of Duffy Geis
Ann C. Buckley
Bronwyn Morris
Robert J. Loveland
Elizabeth A. Bukis – In memory of my beloved lab, Spencer

In Memory of Mary Evans
– Cathy McCormack
– Justin and Kimberly Kauffman
– Mark and Lynn Schoenberger
– Janice S. Lyle

Donna and Thomas Craskey – In Memory of Jacque Lynne Lipsack
Jeannie and Mark Astheimer
Martin Koslof
Mary Ann C. Mackel – Donation for Riley and Blue’s stay at Camp McGee
Lee & Wick Hannan – In Memory of George Ritchie, Charlie Ritchie and Binnie Ritchie

In memory of Robert L. Monette
– Nathan M. Bisk
– Steven M. Shubert
– Ron and Carolyn Lattinville
– Mary Anne Borysowski

In Memory of Dee Schafenaker
– Charles and Dawn Baum
– Tom and Carol Miller
– Cita D. Jacobs
– Mrs. Elizabeth Taylor
– Dolores Fidishun
– Martha Penny Walsh
– Judith S. Carlisle
– Kathleen and Frank Klasic
– Kay L. Renner
– Carol J. Nagle
– Gregory M. Langston
– Sam and Barbara Asaris
– Barry and Risa Desko
– Bruce and Betty Conn

Mr. and Mrs. David Delellis (and Marco) – In Memory of Jayne Pignatone
Country Doctor Veterinary Hospital
Mr. + Mrs. William H. Sand, III – In Memory of Paul A. Davis, VI