Puppy Peaches needed emergency surgery to remove her kidney…

peaches-for-2016-fund-appealDear Friend of Brookline Lab Rescue, I was scared and alone in an outdoor cage on a dog breeder farm. I was about three months old and my littermates had been sold and gone for weeks. Despite being adorable and named Peaches, nobody wanted me because I was leaking urine. My breeder’s vet suggested that I be put down. Thank goodness Brookline was called and without hesitation they took me in. My Brookline foster mom felt really bad for me because my skin was burned and sore from all the dribbling. I already had a severe infection too from lack of any treatment….. Click here to read about what happened to Peaches and how you can help dogs like her.


A special shout out and thank you to the tennis clubs that recently donated tennis balls for our foster dogs:  Frog Hollow Racquet Club, Green Valley Tennis Club and Cherry Hill Health & Racquet Club Club.   Our foster dogs send a WoofWoof thank you too!

frog-hollow green-valley cherry-hill

amazon_imageDo you like to shop? Would you like to help Brookline just by shopping?
Amazon has launched a program where they will donate 0.5% of every item purchased on their site to a designated charity. Given how many people shop there, please tell friends and family about this great opportunity to help our Labs!
Here’s how it works: Go to smile.amazon.com Sign into your Amazon account. In the field that says Search, type in Brookline Labrador Retriever Rescue (or Labrador Retriever Rescue) and hit Search. When it comes up, choose it as your charity. When you shop, sign into smile.amazon.com instead of plain old amazon.com, and every purchase will help our Labs! How easy is that?

Some other easy ways to help Brookline can be found on our Affiliate Shopping page. Please take a look and see of there are any other easy ways to help us help our Labs.