Peddler’s Village Scarecrow Contest

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What better way to spend a beautiful Fall day than to head to Peddler’s Village in Lahaska, Pa. Enjoy the shopping, dining and the awesome scarecrow display. Brookline has entered a scarecrow in the Traditional/Whirligig group and your votes are needed. Voting must be done at the event and you must vote for an entry in each category to have your vote count. If our entry wins, Brookline will receive a monetary gift to help our Labs. For more information, please click here. Voting started on September 8 and will continue for 3 weeks. Please come out, enjoy the day and support our rescue.
A great big thank you to our amazing and talented volunteer, Margaret Lee, for creating this years entry.


Meet Rolly….now Allagash

rolly4On March 27th, Brookline got a call from a Vet in North Jersey for a puppy who needed help. The puppy had been brought in by a breeder to be euthanized because he “walked funny,” but the Vet refused to euthanize him without a neurological evaluation. To find out more about Allagash and to follow his progress, click on his picture to be taken to his blog.
4-28-14 Allagash Update – Week one (click)
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5-25-14 Allagash Update – Week Four (click)
6-6-14 Allagash Update – Week Five (click)
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